We design
words that work
We create designs
that communicate

We design words and graphics to create effective communication 


We serve  to help you...


globalize your business

With our extensive experience in international business communication, we support our customers’ marketing initiatives targeting international audiences. We also facilitate public and investor relations through our creative expertise. 

localize your business

We work with corporations seeking to market their products and services in Japan. Our staff, skilled in English communications, help you create marketing and sales promotion tools targeting Japanese audiences. 

establish your brand

We are not just another translation or graphic/web design firm. When it comes to marketing, we link everything to brand strategy, even when we are simply asked to create logos or write copy, because we are aware of the critical importance of these aspects.

What We Offer



Not only do we have a decade-long track record in the translation of business documents and PR copy (from/to Japanese to/from English, Chinese, and Korean), we also offer professional copy/content writing as well as transcreation services, both in English and Japanese.



Steeped as we are in the differences in design orientation between Eastern and Western cultures, we design corporate brochures, annual reports, and other PR/IR tools in multiple languages. 



In addition to website creation in multiple languages, we also support localization needs in the creation of keynote and video presentations in local languages.

Recent Projects

Renesas Electronics | PowerPoint presentation t (Japanese and English vers.)
Page planning assistance / translation and copyediting / layout design

Font Karuta card game (J/E bilingual)
Translation (Japanese to English) / typesetting and editorial consultation of the English version.

Singapore-based cosmeceutical brand (Name undisclosed) | lecture video
Subtitle translation (English to Japanese) / subtitle editing

Robert Walters Japan | bilingual TV CM copy

Kyo-butsugu Yoninkai (Producers of Kyoto-made Buddhist Ritual Objects and Arts) | website (Japanese/English)
Structure design / editing / web design / translation (Japanese to English)

Hotel The Flag | breakfast menu (Japanese/English)
Menu name ideas / print design

Latest News and Columns

Our blog discussesing topics related to translation, transcreation, typography, PR/IR material designs.
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